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Introduction to the Catalogue

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit down with over fifty artists and listen to them talk about the work of being an artist?

If so, this book, “Voices: artists on art”, provides just that chance. It builds on the original video–interview project of the same name to present the thoughts and feelings voiced by fifty-one Canadian artists, of different generations and practices, on the issues that matter to them, and which they believe frame contemporary culture.

With over 300 richly illustrated pages, each of the interviewed artists is represented with a spread page that includes both their statement and full colour images of their work, while brief biographies are provided at the end of the book. In addition, three senior artists from the 1967 National Gallery exhibition, on which the project is based, revisit their original statements. And finally, a number of younger emerging artists are given the opportunity to speak to their practices.

Provocatively, but convincingly, artist-organizers Yvonne Lammerich and Ian Carr-Harris outline the structure of the project as an artwork rather than a curated exhibition, enrolling three leading cultural commentators to offer insightful essays that extend our understanding of the issues facing art today. Art in the extended field.

“Voices: artists on art” is an exceptional contribution to an appreciation of contemporary Canadian art, and the artists who stand behind it.


…you managed to synthesize something enormous and make it memorable.

-Ydessa Hendeles, artist

Voices speaks loudly and eloquently…

-Harry Malcolmson, Collector
It’s the kind of book one can dive into and out of…when we need a reminder of why we do what we do…can’t wait to spend some time with it.

-Ryan Dougherty, Curator

…magnificent, beautifully produced project…ambitious,smart…

– Roald Nasgaard, Curator

…it is a large comprehensive book to be savoured, loved everything about it…

– Dot Tuer, Art Historian

It’s one of the most creative approaches to writing art history and exploring some of the fundamentals of what it means to be creative that I’ve seen.
…such an important project and so well and beautifully documented.

– Helmut Reichenbächer, Art Historian, OCAD University

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